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A Special Family Travel BlogA Special Family Travel BlogA Special Family Travel Blog

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Behind The Blog


Welcome, I appreciate you joining myself and family on our magical journey through life, travels and beyond. We are a Disney loving family of three and want to include you on our adventures in the parks and share our tips, guidance and our experiences. We hope by sharing our knowledge it makes your trip all the more wonderful.

I started this blog because I was in search of a blog that has a strong emphasis on children with special needs. My son Uriah who is 5 is special needs and uses his stroller as a wheelchair. I found articles and basic knowledge but I found nothing that was written from the heart and gave no specific in depth information. 

I found a need and a calling to reach out to families like my own to write truthful and up to date knowledge on how to conquer the parks with ease and make wonderful memories for all families. I incorporate basic knowledge of how to navigate the parks with specifics on those with special needs. 

So here is Disney from our family to yours!


About Our Family

Stephanie ( Mom) VP of To Infinity And A Blog-

My name is Stephanie and I grew up in the city of Santa Monica, California. My fondest memories are with my friends and family at the Happiest Place On Earth (Disneyland). I love to share the magic and hidden secrets that I know about the parks. I love helping others and enjoy reading, traveling, park-hopping and creating everlasting memories. Experiencing Disneyland through my sons eyes is a whole new journey that I am incredibly grateful for.

I am genuinely so proud of my son Uriah and all of the accomplishments and obstacles he has overcome. Motherhood has been the greatest gift that I treasure every single moment because it was almost taken from me.My son and I almost both died from complications with HELLP the worst form of preeclampsia. He was born 10 weeks early weighing 2.1 pounds and 14 inches in length staying months in the NICU unit. Miracles do happen and I was able to watch my hero Uriah fight to be here today. I am humbled by our experience and things in life now just seem that much sweeter and more magical.

Life has taught me a lot of lessons but the biggest one is to keep believing in your dreams and having faith in what you believe in. 

Uriah (Boss) President of To Infinity And A Blog-

Hello, I am Uriah and I am fascinated with animatronics. I love Halloween and Christmas. I enjoy going to Disneyland and my favorite rides are Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Carribean, Disneyland Railroad and now that I am 40” tall Splash Mountain. I love traveling with my parents and making new friends along the way. One of my favorite things to do at the parks is go into the gift shops there are so many and so many things to look at. I also like to collect pressed pennies, autographs and meet characters. I love Tink her and I are really good friends and I enjoy seeing her in Pixie Hollow whenever we go. I love meeting all my heroes like Spiderman, Captain America, Captain Marvel and Black Panther. By far my favorite and BFF right now is Stitch and I enjoy Stitch hugs and Stitch teaching me how to sign hang loose. 

Jordan (Dad) Editor in Chief-

Hi there! My name is Jordan and I am the Father and Husband of this little disney tribe! I hail from Portland, OR where unlike Peter Pan, I unfortunately grew up (at least my body did).  Still a kid at heart and in mind I have fallen in love with Disney all over again since Uriah came into the world.  I”ve loved the experiences we’ve had in introducing different movies and stories to Uriah, and seeing which ones he chooses as his favorites.  I’ve also gotten back into the ones I loved growing up (Toy Story, Robin Hood and Nightmare before Christmas to name a few).  

I’m very proud of my role with this blog, I feel the job of Editor in Chief carries a lot of responsibility! If you ever find a misspelled word, incorrect grammar, or punctuation error just know that it’s my fault! We are excited to create and discover new memories, and are very eager to share them all with you!  

Blog Command

Welcome to Blog Command. Here is where the magic of my mind unfolds. 

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